The Reason Why Koreans Are So Tired

December 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever wonder why your Korean friend (or at least his/her parents) firmly believe in the ‘all work, no play’ mentality? It’s probably because the whole nation is obsessed with studying, and that’s never been as clearly summarized as in the following picture. I laughed so hard when I found out about this! This picture has been circulating in Korean cyberspace for a few weeks now, of five titles (all translation is mine) that have been collected to show that “The reason why Koreans are so tired is not because of the liver” (picture from 한국인이 피곤한 이유, 간 때문이 아니다):

In order from left to right are the following titles:

10대 꿈을 위해 공부에 미쳐라: In your teens, study like crazy to reach your dreams

20대 공부에 미쳐라: In your 20s, study like crazy

30대, 다시 공부에 미쳐라: In your 30s, study like crazy again

40대 공부 다시 시작하라: In your 40s, start studying again

공부하다 죽어라 : Study until death

As demonstrated by the above titles (they’re not part of series, although it seems like they could be, right?)… studying and being crazy while doing it is often recommended, and lauded in Korea culture. The Korean people’s passion for education and their dedication to studying is not new; however, this picture delineates the obsession in a way that is more clear (and funny) than before. I don’t read that many Korean books but I hope there are some out there to counter these titles with something like “In your 20s, try new things” and “In your 40s, adopt a new hobby”.


Ten ways Seoul can improve itself in 2012

December 27, 2011 § Leave a comment is a news source I go to once in a while for interesting news in Korea, and the recently posted article 2012 New Year’s resolutions for Seoul really hit the mark! Some of the resolutions the writers suggest are things that have bothered foreigners (like me and the friends I met back in 2010) and natives for a long time–take the lack of public garbage cans, for instance, or the VERY over-priced coffee. My thoughts on the ten!

1. No more gargantuan cosmetic surgery ads

Yes, please! People say that you always know when you’re in the Apgujeong/Gangnam area, because the subway stops are plastered in creepy, huge plastic surgery adverts featuring extremely pale and inorganic, surgified (I made that word up) faces. The messages that these advertisements are sending are so deceptive and ingrained in Korean standards of beauty that Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. Back in 2010 I mainly saw ads with pictures of slimmed down jawlines or double eyelids, but then when I went back in 2011 I saw breast-augmentation ads too. This was surprising to me because Koreans care more about facial features or being skinny than the chest area but I guess that’s changing…

2. Make coffee more affordable (and better-tasting)

There is a saying in Korean, which is ‘배보다 배꼽이 더 크다’ meaning ‘the belly button is bigger than the belly’. You would use this if you ate a meal and, upon ordering dessert, realize the dessert cost more than the main meal–or if the shipping and handling fee for a package costs more than what you’re sending to begin with. I would say this applies to the price of coffee at many chain stores as well–the coffee/drinks are 4,500 won and up when I can easily get meals for about that price or even cheaper. « Read the rest of this entry »

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