Welcome to theseoulproject. This website is intended to be a vehicle through which the author can learn more about Korean culture and U.S.-Korea business relations, and share what she finds with all of you! Hopefully, this will act as a resource for those interested in learning more about Korean culture, language, business, consumer psychology, etc.

Content for this website is a combination of information from outside sources and the author’s own writing.  Effort will be made to ensure that all writing properly credits original sources and provides links to all outside material/references used.

If you have specific knowledge on any of the topics this website covers, please feel welcome to participate in the conversation via:

  1. Posting your comments on the related post.
  2. E-mailing stories and information directly to the author at cjlee37@gmail.com.
  3. E-mailing the author if you are interested in guest blogging or making regular contributions

About the author:
A Wellesley College student, Christine is majoring in East Asian Studies with a concentration in Korea, and minoring in Economics. Her current interests are to become a marketing professional, social media guru and a South Korean expert. She hails from Utah.


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