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March 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s hard to imagine how tech-savvy, dependent on tech, high-tech, tech-based (you get the picture) Seoul is until you actually go there. I remember climbing the hill behind Yonsei’s campus and surveying the horizon–imagine my surprise when I saw at least twenty brightly lit LCD TV screens dotting the landscape! This medium of advertising is so prevalent, I bet Korean consumers (living in Seoul) are exposed to… oh, perhaps double? the amount of advertising that American consumers are exposed to, given that running commercials on TV screens are everywhere. I’m learning in my consumer behavior class about the decision-making cycle and how there are different methods advertisers/marketers use to get inside your head at each step–I’m started to think advertising is a field made for evil-minded geniuses. Good marketing is genius, yes–but so subtle and insidious as well. O_O I’ll write more specifically about what I’m learning in another post, but until then, and relevant to this topic, is:

a nice set of photographs from Time and

an article from Time, Asia’s Latest Miracle


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